Monday, February 14, 2005

The Orange Fabric, Up Close and Personal

Some people have been emailing asking for a more detailed description of what the orange fabric looks like up-close. So I decided to scan a swatch of the fabric given to me by one of the volunteers working at the Gates.
swatch, white background
The images as displayed above is pretty close to life size; if you click on it to see the full size picture it will be about 50% bigger than the original. If you think the scan quality is bad and it's causing weird reflections on the fabric, that's actually not the case. The fabric is very reflective in natural light, so the alternating patterns of white, orange and black look the same when you look at the real thing, shimmering when you move it. (On the computer screen it reminds me of the black, white and orange candy corn you get around Halloween.) So while the color choice wouldn't have been my personal first choice, the texture and reflective qualities of the fabric is spectacular.... -ac

ps- question for readers: if you were Christo, what color would you have chosen? Please post a comment and let us know.

Pictures I took this morning

Here are some pictures I took this morning of The Gates. It was
pretty crowded today, and hopefully the crowds will thin out later in
the month and I can go back at a more leisurely pace.

Kevin Meyers

Videos from Opening Weekend

Harvey's Latest Photos

More photos courtesy of Harvey B. Silikovitz, used with permission.


Gapstow Bridge


Blue and Orange Sky


Sheep Meadow


Looking Toward Time Warner Center



Influencing the Minds of Men Through Their Imaginations

"A great object of all that is done in a park, of all the art of a park, is to influence the minds of men through their imaginations...."
- Frederick Law Olmstead,Central Park architect

Gates by the lake

Better While Running

this is an audio post - click to play

"I thought The Gates were better while running," says this caller. He suggests you view it from a bike and "get some speed" rather than getting stuck within the crowds.

More Bloomberg Audio

Here's some more audio I recorded of Mayor Bloomberg after Saturday's opening ceremony. I recorded it with my iPod, as evident from the following picture:
Self Portrait on iPod, with Mayor Bloomberg in background
Note my iPod in the bottom left corner; if you look really close you can see a reflection of my eye, nose and camera in the iPod. -ac