Sunday, February 13, 2005

"I Was Slightly Underwhelmed"

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Suggests talking to the "the people with the poles and the tennis balls" -- the project's paid volunteers. Dave is with The Crescent School in the Bronx.

"You've Fallen Victim to Art."

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"This Is Not My Color,"

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says a woman.

Two Italians

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are carrying Gates-colored bags.

A Couple With an iPod Shuffle

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take a picture with the shuffle and the Gates.

The Christo People Have Tennis Balls

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On the ends of long, extendable prods.

Can I make a plug for my blog with pictures of the past few "Gates" days?


Great idea, your blog. Do you make money off of it?

I took three sets of pictures. They can be found at my blog:

Do you mind posting?

This is a magic experience. I am psyched.

Catharina Torok

p.s. All photos on my blog may not be used or copied without my permission.

"A Higher Than Average Number"

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of Europeans in Central Park.

"All The Flags Are Radiating Orange."

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Andy comments that it seems a little more festive on Sunday than on Saturday's opening; more people, better light.

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Harvey B.Silikovitz Photos

A series of photos courtesy of Harvey B. Silikovitz.


Billowing Sails


Bethesda Fountain






Orange Waterfall


Looking Down on Harlem Meer

Christo and Jeanne-Claude

Here's a pictures of Christo and Jeanne-Claude that I took while walking between the lake and Strawberry Fields. They showed up in a caravan of limos and paparazzi. I managed to squeeze in and take this photo.


I also managed to take two short videos. The first video shows Christo and Jeanne Claude walking from their limo. The second video shows them contemplatiing The Gates from across a lake. Somehow I managed to be standing just a few feet away from them while all of this transipired. -andy

The First Morning

More pics from yesterday morning. -andy


A gate flutters with Central Park West in the background.

unfurling a gate

Unfurling each gate took most of the morning.


You can see them in every direction.

lake view

A view of some of The Gates from across the lake.


The New York skyline in the background.

rows of gates

Row after row of gates.

Yesterday's Unfurling

Some pics from yesterday's unfurling.


Kids wait for The Gates to open.


A few minutes before the unfurling.


The first gates are unfurled.


Mayor Bloomberg chats with the crowd after the unfurling.