Sunday, January 30, 2005

Demo & Instructions for Mobile Phone Users

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This is a voicemail I posted from my mobile phone. As you can see, it worked just fine. Everyone who visits The Gates in Central Park is invited to post their own audio blog, or "podcast," from their mobile phone. It's easy:

    1. Dial 1 - 661- 716 - BLOG (2564)

    2. Enter the telephone login 212-555-1212

    3. Enter the PIN code 2005, then the # key

    4. Record your message, then hit the # key when your done

    5. Press "1" to post your recording to the website

It's that easy! All voicemails posted to the site will be labeled as coming from "A Central Park Podcaster," so if you would like to identify yourself, please feel free to say your name and where you're from when you record your voicemail.



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