Friday, January 28, 2005

How to Post Your Comments and Photos to the Site

If you would like to post your thoughts about the Christo Central Park exhibit to the website, please send an email with your comments to this address:
yes-christo.gates @

(You'll have to remove the blank spaces before and after the "@" symbol. This is to discourage spam.)
Please put the title of your comments in the "subject" field of the email, and then your comments in the body of the email. Feel free to sign your email or post anonymously, whichever is more comfortable for you. Spam and off-topic posts will be removed immediately from the site.

You can also use these email addresses to post a photo to the website; simply attach a photo to your email, then put the title in the subject line and a description and photo credit in the message body. Please only send your own photos; do not send copyrighted material or other people's photos without their express permission. If you would like others to be able to use your photo, please feel free to make a note of it in the body of your email message. Thanks! -andy


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like and appreciate art as much as the next guy. But I just don't get it about this Gates thing! May be it's intended effect and grandure is supposed to be felt when you see it in person. Otherwise, from the pictures, I don't see what the big deal is! Why don't they spend all that money to feed the hungry or solve some of the big city's problems. To me, it's no more than a whole bunch of orange fabric, hanging from extra tall soccer goal posts all over the park!!!

2:13 PM  
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