Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Andy's Lame QTVR Gates Experiment

Unlike the high-quality QTVR file posted by Hans, I managed to make a really, really bad QTVR panorama while at the Gates. As you'll be able to tell from looking at the file, I didn't use a tripod, so it comes across more like a bad hallucination than a 360 panorama.

For those of you who can't access QTVR files, here's a flat JPG version of it. If it were a good panorama, it would look like a long rectangle rather than a slithering worm. So as you can see, it's problematic to say the least, but I figured I'd share it just for the fun of it.

bad qtvr of the gates

Note to self - next time Christo is in town, bring a tripod. -ac


Anonymous Anonymous said...

To me, it's not bad at all. I'm glad you posted it. Thanks for this website - I spent Thu-Sun in NY for the Gates and am enjoying seeing them through other people's eyes now...

6:51 AM  

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