Monday, February 14, 2005

The Orange Fabric, Up Close and Personal

Some people have been emailing asking for a more detailed description of what the orange fabric looks like up-close. So I decided to scan a swatch of the fabric given to me by one of the volunteers working at the Gates.
swatch, white background
The images as displayed above is pretty close to life size; if you click on it to see the full size picture it will be about 50% bigger than the original. If you think the scan quality is bad and it's causing weird reflections on the fabric, that's actually not the case. The fabric is very reflective in natural light, so the alternating patterns of white, orange and black look the same when you look at the real thing, shimmering when you move it. (On the computer screen it reminds me of the black, white and orange candy corn you get around Halloween.) So while the color choice wouldn't have been my personal first choice, the texture and reflective qualities of the fabric is spectacular.... -ac

ps- question for readers: if you were Christo, what color would you have chosen? Please post a comment and let us know.


Blogger Smokey said...

First of all, if I were Christo, I would not think of a project like this over a number of years (how simplistic can you get - 'doorways' plain and simple)as did he. I would not think of imposing my idea of 'art' on an entire city by taking over a major parcel of land as Central Park. That said, if I were such an 'artist' I would choose as unobtrusive fabric as possible, the purpose of which to be an enhancement to the environment, not a distraction.

To that end, I would choose a sheer fabric in an off white or grey, realizing that the color is really not significant, as the environment will alter the color over time, anyway.

But what do I know about art...I am only a poet, after all.

8:29 AM  
Anonymous gregoire said...

I don't know why this orange but just remember that 35 years ago, for the Valley Curtain project in Colorado < > that was the same orange (but a different cloth).
I will ask Christo and Jeanne-Claude about their orange preference next time I will meet them.

5:01 PM  

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