Friday, March 11, 2005

The Emperor's New Gates

We all know art is to a great degree a matter of taste -- and the appreciation of it can vary widely from individual to individual.  But even with all that leeway, not everything is art.  Sometimes, the emperor is really just naked after all.
February Gates Visitor

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

It's a Wrap!

Well, the Gates have come and gone; some people think it was an artistic triumph and a boon for New York; others think it was a crock and a waste of resources. Here's another chance to tell us what you think; I'll be locking up the website at the end of March so we can preserve the comments posted to it during the project, but in the meantime, you're welcome to reply to this post using the comments feature or post new comments of your own. -ac

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

The Gates are NOT closed yet

March 1, 2005
As of yesterday, the "Gates" are officially closed. Reality looks
different! The dismantling of the gates takes a long time; it started at
the Northern end of Central Park, i.e. in Harlem. The Southern end is
still untouched and will be for quite some time. A walk through the
"Gates" is now more beautiful than ever. There are no tourists and,
apart from a few dogwalkers, no New Yorkers in the park. Hotels are
empty and more affordable than during the show. It is THE OCCASION to
have the "Gates" all to yourself without masses of people taking
millions of pictures. ENJOY THE GATES!