Friday, February 11, 2005

Please Post Smaller Photos and Pace Yourself :-)

Hi everyone,

The website is posting new entries very slowly right now, possibly because people are posting very large photos, sometimes several in a single email. This appears to be overwhelming the posting mechanism. Because of this, I'd like to make this request regarding photos:

  • Please post only one photo at a time
  • Please try to post smaller photos (800x800 or smaller)
  • Please pace yourself and don't send multiple emails with photos at the simultaneously

I've contacted Blogger and informed them of the situation, so hopefully they can help speed things up. Meanwhile, the audio blogging feature seems to be working just fine, so I'd like to encourage you to post voicemails to the site. Simply follow the instructions on the right side of the page.

Time for me to head into NYC. Can't wait to get there.... -andy


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