Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Check Out Our New Flickr Badge

You may have noticed that there's a strip of photos appearing in the right column of the blog. This is a "Flickr badge" -- a photo strip that's automatically generated anytime someone posts a photo to our account on the photo album website, Flickr is used by lots of Internet people, so it's a great way to share your Christo-related photos with a large audience. Also, Flickr utilizes keyword "tags" so people can visit the site and look for all the photos posted by everyone on a given topic. So if you post a photo to our Flickr page, it will be tagged as related to keywords Christo, TheGates, and centralpark -- all three of which are linked from this site in our Tag-o-Rama section.

To post a photo to flickr, send an email to more02mask @ Put the title of the photo in the subject line, and your description in the body of the email. Then attach a photo to the email - no larger than 200k, please! - and send it. A few minutes later, it will appear in the Flickr badge in the right column, as well as on our Flickr homepage. Happy flickring! -ac


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