Saturday, February 12, 2005

Yes He Does

I don't think that grand size is the point of Christo's art.

I think a primary objective is getting the public to see things
differently when a monument/landscape that has become
an institutional part of society's vision is temporarily
concealed or altered.  I think that's a pretty brilliant idea.  

I know many people who, like you, think this is a crazy
waste of money when there is so much need in the world.  
In some ways, I agree.  However, there is a lot of wealth
in the world that could be redirected and isn't, and unfortunately
probably never will be.  Christo not realizing his vision wouldn't
change that.  To the extent that his art challenges people
to look at the world more closely and maybe differently, I
think its brilliant and deserving of its place.

I hope The Gates is so amazing that you'll get a little bit

Sarah Van Norden
Health & Human Development Programs
Educational Development Center, Inc.
55 Chapel Street
Newton, Massachusetts  02458-1060
Phone (617) 618-2333


Blogger Leontine said...

Yes...and why is it okay for the Jets to pay hundreds of millions of dollars to build a stadium that nobody wants, but it's not okay for Christo to pay 21 million dollars to make something beautiful in the park? Why don't people feel that the Jets are obligated to spend some of their vast sums of money to feed the poor? Why don't all of us? I mean, in a truly just world, you and I wouldn't be sitting here playing with the computer while other people eat dirt to keep their stomachs from cramping with hunger. My point being, give me a break.

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