Tuesday, February 15, 2005

An instant classic

Fancying a role as this blog's resident curmudgeon, (Wait -- I'm not
cute enough to be a curmudgeon!) I thought I'd try to elucidate what
bugs me some much about this project.

For one, though his defenders won't see it or at least admit it, there's
a dangerously bloated ego that propels these visions. It is all too self
consciously screaming, "I am an artist and I make great art."

Next, and arising of this same self-consciousness, comes a feeling of
forced myth making. Like someone sitting down trying to write the Great
American Novel. They'll compare this to the Great Wall, Stonehenge, or
other time proven
mythology, but I'm sorry to disappoint you folks, but one can't be
present at
the birth of a classic. It's logistically impossible. I guess it comes
out of the need to be part of a defining event, but it sounds to me like
when Disney puts "Classic" on the cover of a DVD of a movie that was
released last year.

And last, it's so damned ugly! Yes it is. Maybe it will be better with
flags hanging, but these "three mile orange" plastic pillars taking over
the brilliant vistas of the park are like the fast food joints alongside
Stonehenge or the Starbucks they put inside the Forbidden City. Yes,
it's helping me appreciate the park more because I can't wait
for it to be out of here so I can see it aqain!


After a very politically charged year in this city, maybe a little Art
for Art's Sake is needed. But I can't forget that our mayor has let this
project take over the entire park, after he denied us the right to
protest there last year.

We love Art for Art's sake!
It's smart for Art's sake,
To part, for Art's sake,
With your heart, for Art's sake,
And your mind, for Art's sake-
Be blind, for Art's sake,
And deaf, for Art's sake,
And dumb, for Art's sake,
Until, for Art's sake,
They kill, for Art's sake,
All the Art for Art's sake!
-from Marc Blitzstein's The Cradle Will Rock

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