Saturday, February 05, 2005

Can't see the beauty of it?

I have been working with the Christos for several years now on The
Gates Project. Naturally, I have many friends that cannot appreciate
their projects nor understand why an artist would do the things they
do: wrap buildings, surround islands with fabric, erect thousands of
umbrellas, place Gates in Central Park, etc.

Although Christo and Jeanne Claude may only create their projects for
art's sake, there are other beautiful qualities to their art that may
be easier to appreciate for many people. If you do not see beauty in
the art itself, or if you find it difficult explaining the point of
such art to a friend, you might find the following link helpful. This
conveys another dimension to their art, which many of us can

I will travel up to NY next week and spend about 10 days enjoying the
park in its unique clothing, filled with people; I will try to post
photos, etc once the gates are opened next Saturday.



Blogger Andy Carvin said...

Thanks for posting this, Micah; I hope you'll post your thoughts (and maybe some pics!) when you visit The Gates next week. Maybe we can even get Christo and Jeanne-Claude to post something. :-)


5:01 PM  

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