Tuesday, February 22, 2005

An Amazing Experience

I will be uploading my photos from the past three days of visiting NYC and seeing/photographing the Gates all three days, though not as many shots as I might have liked due to camera battery issues, but amongst my shots there are a few I'm proud up - will upload them to Flickr and share links to them here.

Overall a very amazing experience - in no small part due to the thousands, probably millions over the past few weeks, of people visiting them. Even today, amidst the snow and ice the park was full, cameras were everywhere, and business throughout NYC was showing the effects - hotels were full, restaurants packed, vendors in and around the park doing well - the zoo packed, lines around the block for the MoMa, even the Guggenheim in the midst of tearing down an exhibition (so having more then 50% of the museaum closed) was packed.

The gates themselves initially do not seem like much, each, individually is orange - but over time, as the light and wind, and as you walk along and amidst the park and realize that each gate's position was carefully chosen and thought out - each part of the park is different yet beautiful, with vistas and images that reoccur throughout the park, yet differ as well.

If you are lucky, as we were, and get to a section of the park full of gates, but relatively empty of people, you can hear the gates flapping in the wind. When the sun was out and the sky clear, the gates are each slightly transparent, and full of shadows, shadows of other gates, of trees, of park objects, fences, even people at a distance.

The gates themselves are also getting incorporated into the life of the park - from children playing on the stands, leaving behind collections of pine cones or a lost mitten, to dogs marking their territory. They are for this month at least, part of the life of the city - and people came from all over the world to view them.

Shannon Clark


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