Saturday, February 19, 2005

Against the trend

After everyone I know went to see The Gates and described their reaction to
me in great detail, I went before work yesterday. In New York, among my
peers (all around 30 and involved in the art world in one way or another) it
is almost de rigueur to hate The Gates. But for me, the idea of The Gates is
what art can be at it's best: public, accessible and universal. After I saw
The Gates, I believe it is all those things.

The piece is successful because it transforms Central Park into an art
object. I like The Gates the most in the deep ancient dark parts of the
Park, where there are no roads, only narrow paths and tall trees. I also
like standing on top of hills and seeing the orange color snake through the
park. I do not like the saffron color though. To me, the saffron is like the
safety orange/yellow of construction sites, a color that is very prominent
in New York City already.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

The color of "The Gates" seems to be a hot topic. Most people that I've talked to or overheard agree that the color is not saffron for it lacks enough yellow. I think I'm on that side of the fence in believing that their color is orange. Straight up. Pics of "The Gates" here:

3:16 AM  
Anonymous GothamJoe said...

"The piece is successful because it transforms Central Park into an art
object. "

I think one problem some have with the Gates is that it doesn't TRANSFORM the park into an art object...the park IS an art object. I laughed a little when I read the original comment about "the deep ancient dark parts of the Park" -- there aren't any; the entire park was designed and built by Olmstead and Vaux 150 years ago, with very specific intent and purpose.

And with the restoration in the 80s and 90s, it's a pretty stunning work of art at that.

So, to some people, the Gates is like taking an orange magic marker and drawing lines all over the Mona Lisa. Maybe what you get at the end is art, but what you had in the beginning was art too, and maybe better art...

5:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh dear gathamjoe, remember DuChamp, the Mona Lisa, duh ... Cynthia in Chicago

8:41 AM  

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